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BNSA Home Care selectively recruits only exceptional healthcare professionals with specialized knowledge and many years of clinical experience. The majority of BNSA Home Care registered nurses hold a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and have experience in various ICU and critical care units in hospitals in the metro New York area. Their nursing skills are exceptional and they are adept at assessing client’s needs, helping make them some of the best home care nurses available.

our company selectively recruits exceptional home health aides. All of our professional and paraprofessional staff are fully vetted and legal to work in the United States. In addition, we perform extensive reference and background checks. This has enabled us to achieve the highest standard of quality within the home healthcare market.

Yes, all our caregivers are hired by and are direct employees of BNSA Home Care. Our company does not subcontract any core homecare services. Given this, BNSA Home Care is solely responsible to pay all taxes, insurances, and fees associated with caregivers. Under no circumstance would a client need to pay our caregivers directly.

Yes, all BNSA Home Care employees are covered under the company’s General/Professional Liability, Medical Malpractice, Disability, and Workers Compensation policies.

Final decisions on skill set requirements should be made after your registered nurse care manager conducts the intake assessment and provides recommendations for your home care based on their findings. Open discussion between the patient, their loved ones, and the nurse will produce the best results at BNSA Home Care.

After your registered nurse care manager develops your plan of care, he or she will visit you at least once a month to conduct an assessment, modify the plan of care whenever your condition changes, supervise the caregiver(s) to ensure they are following the plan of care, and confirm everything is running according to plan at BNSA Home Care. Additionally, your registered nurse care manager will place periodic calls to your home to monitor your status. There is no additional charge for this service.

Yes, you may use your BNSA Home Care registered nurse in the hospital to act as a patient advocate. This helps to ensure your comfort and that you are receiving the highest level of attention.

At BNSA Home Care, our home care services provide for a wide range of personal needs, so yes, a caregiver can assist you in running errands such as shopping for personal supplies.

Yes, at BNSA Home Care, your caregiver can certainly escort you to and from any personal or medical appointments and can accompany you on other errands. We want our patients to feel as connected to our home care professionals as possible. You are responsible for covering all travel-related expenses on behalf of your caregiver, but barring extenuating circumstances, this should usually cost you little as they simply ride along to most appointments.

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